Toni Nadal: 'Improvement and commitment are not well seen by people now'

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Toni Nadal: 'Improvement and commitment are not well seen by people now'

In an interview to Cinco Dias El Pais, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni criticized the way the people's mentality changed over the decades. For Toni, everything can be trained: "Only the people who think they know it all are the ones who do not train.

In life I do not understand not improving, I do not understand doing a thing now that is the same as yesterday. The normal thing is to advance, and you can just do it by training. For that, you have some principles. Knowing that you struggle to improve is the key, as well as wanting to listen and being driven.

We live in a world where improvement and commitment are not really well seen. When you make an effort and you improve your stand out than the others, and wanting to stand out does not get seen well. What's obvious is that who makes an effort has a bigger chance to achieve success, and all of us can improve."

Toni also spoke about his current life not being with the 17-time Grand Slam winner on the Tour anymore: "It's something that I never planned to do. I was getting called by assemblies and companies to tell my experience and view, how I worked with Rafael and what you can learn from that.

This is what I bring now." Explaining why he was so hard with his nephew, Toni concluded: "I appreciated him and I wanted him to be prepared for what he would face. I could lie him, fooling him around, making a complicated situation lighter, but on the court, he would face reality.

I could tell him that Federer had a worse serve than him. But Federer would not definitely lie with him. I cared more about educating Rafael's character than his skills. Good shots make you win points, but the character is what makes you win matches and titles."