Toni Nadal: People think Rafa does not have talent, but that is wrong

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Toni Nadal: People think Rafa does not have talent, but that is wrong

Toni Nadal praised Rafael's game skills. In an interview, the 58-year-old said: "Rafael had strange co-ordination and sometimes people think that Rafael does not have talent, but he has a lot of it because hitting bad he manages playing great shots.

For many years with Francis Roig, we were telling each other that if he did what he should have to, who knows how much he would have won. But Rafael understood the game in a different way. The evolution came because of his injuries, that forced him to look for solutions.

Playing with these issues is extra credit. You have to change training sessions, preparation systems, reducing the time. But in the end, it went well. Rafael told me many times that he was tired of dealing with pain and I told him that most of the players would change themselves for him without any problem.

The difficulty is part of the life." Toni also reflected on the concept of passion: "I do not understand doing a thing without passion. In your work, enjoying yourself is the key. Playing Without passion has less grace.

Not just for Rafael or any other professional, that's for any kid that trains. If you play with no passion, the path will be very short and you would never enjoy what you do. You need to have the passion but you also have to work it because although you have it you may lose it.

You have to renew it and set high goals. The passion is needed to achieve anything. If you are a grateful guy, like in Rafael's case, you need to keep this passion. Rafael knows that life treated us better than what we deserved to, better than how we could never imagine and you have to appreciate it."