Toni Nadal: 'I took a huge risk leaving my job to coach Rafael'

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Toni Nadal: 'I took a huge risk leaving my job to coach Rafael'

In an interview, Toni Nadal commented on his 27-year experience with Rafael as a coach. "In life, you have to appreciate the reality and the excitement. One boosts the other. I was always excited that my nephew would be very good and why not dreaming of the highest? You always need to have full excitement and believe that you can make it.

I made a risky bet, leaving my job as a coach in Manacor to work with my nephew. I decided it when he was ten years old because Rafael thought he needed to have exclusive help in the tournaments and training sessions. The risk was mine and we wanted to play and win tournaments."

On how the evolution has happened, Toni added: "It changed as the time went on, that's normal. You cannot be the same for 30 years. You do not behave equally with a kid when he is ten years old than when he is 20 or 30...

When Rafael was a kid I had to make decisions if he would go to a tournament or the other if we trained for two or three hours, but as he grew up we shared more things, decisions as well, and more people got involved. I believed myself for my whole life and I am a pretty skilled person.

I understand that more people get involved in the process and I bring less. I never wanted to decide what I did not have to. I give my opinion, but if they do not listen the problem is of theirs." Nadal is training in Manacor and he will now play the Monte Carlo Masters.