Rafael Nadal: 'Some losses hurt more than others'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Some losses hurt more than others'

In an interview to ABC, Rafael Nadal commented on how he deals with losses. The Spanish player said: "All the players are used to lose because that's normal. You have losses that are more painful than other ones, but I take it in a normal way.

Some of them hurt me more, when you see a big chance and you lose it, you are sad, but I never get angry. I would get angry if I did not give myself a chance, but when I head into the court I always try. And over the years you appreciate more that you are competitive and you fight for things that motivate you.

When you fight and you make an effort you are not obliged to more. I always have a calm awareness. I may go through a bad time for some hours, but after that it's okay." On kids having athletes as idols, Nadal added: "I do not think that's a great thing because there are kids who want to be like other famous people and I think one of these people, in some cases, is not a good example.

Kids want to be what they see on TV and what they see on TV is not always good. If a kid wants to be similar to me, and I do things well, he is welcome. If it is to be famous or to turn on the TV, forget it. That does not have a big value.

What really matters is to be a good person, respectful, educated... And having friends. When you have friends and people who are next to you never speaks bad about you, it has a big value."