Toni Nadal 'grateful' to live for sharing amazing experiences with Rafael

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Toni Nadal 'grateful' to live for sharing amazing experiences with Rafael

What cities or clubs marked Toni Nadal the most? In an interview, the former Rafael's coach disclosed the answer. "Paris and Monte Carlo for the results, but I enjoyed a lot where we were. I am grateful to life. When things were not going well to Rafael, I always asked him to describe the situation overall.

What we had to do is to thank. A lot of people make an effort for their entire life and they will not be able to have the same success as Rafael and the success the people next to him had. I enjoyed a lot in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Australia..."

"I always liked to coach. Not just tennis, anything. In the Academy, I am lucky to be with the young guys, which is something I like a lot. My biggest excitement is to be able to get involved in this process that kids go through.

I do not need to have a great player to feel fulfilled. I enjoy a lot seeing people who are not very good, who may not become professionals, but they are educated. I enjoy coaching them. You see that when you tell a thing they are careful and when you explain them a thing, they listen.

I would not enjoy if I coached a very good person who would not listen at me. In the Academy, we can coach people who are excited with improving, and teaching them what I can excite me." Meanwhile, a pundit commented on Felix Auger-Aliassime's loss to John Isner in the Miami Open semifinals, also mentioning Nadal: "It's a chance you can't miss, serving two times for the set, and just, I don't know.

It's just terrible. For sure, nerves. It's like I caught a virus or something. I don't know. I couldn't put a second serve anymore. Even the first serve, if you put it in, you don't have to hit the second serve.

Yeah, that's just very tough to swallow. The thing is, great players aren’t flawless when they start. It’s ludicrous to expect him to be a complete player who has got it all already. That’s just not going to happen.

Even if you take the big three, Roger Federer needed to sort out his emotions. Rafael Nadal had to learn to adapt to surfaces other than clay and Novak Djokovic needed to get his health right. He was retiring all of the time when he was Auger-Aliassime’s age. It takes time and wants a breakthrough week it’s been for him, it’s been building and I like that”.