Rafael Nadal is unbelievable, you cannot beat him - Gomez

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Rafael Nadal is unbelievable, you cannot beat him - Gomez

In an interview to Septimo Game, Andres Gomez commented on Rafael Nadal's skills on clay-courts. The spring season is approaching and the Spaniard will once again be a favourite to win it all. "What Nadal does is unbelievable", admitted Gomez.

"I would have never thought that someone would achieve so much and there is still a lot left. He is an alien, basically unbeatable on clay. You cannot beat him. There he is and then the others." What makes Nadal stand out? "Everything.

It's impossible to pick one thing. Probably his mentality. His willingness to improve and continuing to learn are the impressive things." Asked what changed the most in tennis over the last decades, Gomes replied: "Surfaces got balanced.

Now the same match on clay takes place on hard and grass too. Before, the difference was very big. You could beat someone 6-2 6-2 on clay and he would beat you 6-2 6-2 on the other surfaces. Now balls are much heavier and you need a lot of strength to hit them. You had much more difference before.