'Some Spanish people do not care about tennis, just cheer Rafael Nadal'

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'Some Spanish people do not care about tennis, just cheer Rafael Nadal'

In an interview, the Davis Cup organizer Tomas Carbonell commented on Rafael Nadal's legacy in tennis. "Rafa Nadal is an icon and when you commentate matches of Rafa winning the French Open, Davis Cup... This goes beyond tennis.

You have people who cares very less about tennis and they are Nadal fans", said Carbonell. Is there a future for the Spanish tennis once Nadal retires? "Yeah, but it will be different. Since when Sergi Bruguera started winning the French Open that was a miracle, a lot of people came after that...

Grand Slam winners and that was unreal for me at the time." On his multiple roles, Carbonell added: "I keep doing some appearances as a commentator, I am a sports consultant for Lacoste and I am a part of the 'Up Padel Club' project in Cabrera de Mar.

What I miss from being a tennis player, like every player, is the competition. I like working as a commentator, I follow tennis all days and this is a different way to stay connected to tennis. I always thought I was not talented just holding a racket."

Meanwhile Ivan Modia, the President of Kosmos Tennis, said that the idea of introducing a new format for the Davis Cup came just from Piqué. "He spoke with all the tennis players and most of them are okay with it.

We want it to be a pleasure and not a boring thing." In an interview to CNN Turkey the football star Arda Turian said: "I am helping Pique to host the Davis Cup in Turkey. Lionel Messi is a good friend od mine as well as Neymar, Dani Álves and Pique.

Some time ago me and Pique met the Turkey's Tennis Federation chief. There were the Turkish Airlines chiefs as well."