David Ferrer recalls 2008 Davis Cup win after Rafa Nadal's withdrawal

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David Ferrer recalls 2008 Davis Cup win after Rafa Nadal's withdrawal

In an interview with El Intransigente, the former world no. 3 David Ferrer recalled when he won the Davis Cup with Spain against Argentina despite Rafael Nadal's withdrawal due to a knee injury. "2008 was a very hard year for me.

I was doing (badly). Without discrediting David Nalbandian, because he was (having) a great moment, I did not give my best. The experience helped me for the other Davis Cups I won. Argentineans are very passionate about sports, and in life in general.

When you have pressure, you struggle more (when) playing tennis," said Ferrer. On the conflict between Nalbandian and Juan Martin del Potro, Ferrer added: "It's difficult to give an opinion as I am not involved in it.

What I can say is that in any team competition, especially in tennis, a good environment between players is the key. If you do not have a good feeling it will be difficult to win the Davis Cup and Argentina showed it. They had the best-ranked players in Mar del Plata when they won in Croatia 2016 playing away from home.

That's the example. It's important that everyone takes his role and that egos are put apart." On the new format of the Davis Cup, Ferrer concluded: "I think it's a good bet if you change the date, the schedule.

The problem now is that it is scheduled at the end of the year and players are on holidays after the ATP Finals and it's unlikely that everyone plays it. That's the main issue. Then ATP also put the World Team Cup at the beginning of 2020.

That takes value out from the Davis Cup, which is a unique tournament. There is also the Laver Cup. What you can feel in the Davis Cup is something you do not feel in any other tournament and I would not like to see it being lost. The format is okay because the calendar is very packed and you cannot play too many (Davis Cup) ties."