Tsitsipas: 'It took time to get through disappointing loss to Rafael Nadal'

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Tsitsipas: 'It took time to get through disappointing loss to Rafael Nadal'

In a chat to reporters in Monte Carlo Stefanos Tsitsipas recalled his straight-set semifinal loss to Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open semifinals. "It took a lot of time to get through that disappointing loss. Nadal dominated me, it looked like he was amazing.

I did not expect that Djokovic would then beat him so easily. It means that there are no limits for the champions", said the world No. 8. He was also asked to rate Roger Federer's chances on clay: "I do not really know how he plays on clay because I never faced him, but results speak for themselves and I expect him to do well."

Tsitsipas regularly trains at the Mouratoglou Academy. The Greek commented on his relationship with the Frenchman coach: "He is a dear friend, a consultant. He is very correct and precise, he often speaks with my father and coach.

I do not like people who speak too much but he says good and fewer things." On his Foundation, Federer said: "We created it in December 2003, my mom is from South Africa so there is a connection, my mum always told me that if you have a chance to give back, I should do it.

And then I was also inspired by Andre Agassi, who has a wonderful Foundation and supports children in a big way. I also wanted to give children an opportunity to go to school, get an education and that's something that I am very proud for."

He finally spoke about how important fans are to him: "I am so proud, it's really important for the game. It's so much worthwhile travelling the tour and all the sacrifices you do during the year. It's not that it's hard but I have been around for a long time and I always enjoy myself when I get the chance to play on centre courts all the time."