Rafael Nadal is no longer a kid, he turned into a man - Coach

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Rafael Nadal is no longer a kid, he turned into a man - Coach

In an interview to El Confidencial, Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya shared his deep thoughts on the evolution of the 17-time Grand Slam winner. "He is longer a kid and he turned into a man. At the end of the day, he keeps being a kid, but he is aware of many things.

Having the feet on the ground helps to see how everything works. It's a key in a person that won so much." On how Nadal's game evolved since Moya joined the team, the 42-year-old added: "I see things differently than when I was outside the team.

When you live with him on a daily basis, you spend a lot of hours close to him and you look at a lot of things that before were escaping. You have details that you thought they were in a way and instead they are different. I generally knew how Rafa was.

You have little routines that you see while you know him. Rafa has a hunger, a desire and a commitment that I saw in just a very few people. That's the key. He commits to keep being healthy while being one of the best ever, he commits to do a good job like no one.

In the end, results need to happen sooner than later." "In other times the opponents headed into the court thinking they had chances, while most of the times they stopped fighting at 100 per cent once the match got tight.

This is a mental advantage that does not happen by chance but is the result of the work done for a long time. You have people who come and tell you that. You see it in how they approach matches."