Rafael Nadal and Djokovic win because they are mentally stronger - Verdasco

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Rafael Nadal and Djokovic win because they are mentally stronger - Verdasco

In an interview to GQ, Fernando Verdasco explained what the best players make a difference than the others. "The top players like Nadal and Djokovic manage to control the nerves better than the other players and that's why they are the best, not because they have the best shots.

You have top 30 or 40 players that have unbelievable shots but they do not have the head and they are inconsistent." "It was a very special match for me. The experience was an unforgettable one. Rafa was world No. 1 and I could not play better.

When I think about how to play, I always have that match in my mind. I also remember the Monte Carlo semifinals against Novak Djokovic or the quarter-finals in Rome against Novak as well. Or three Davis Cups of course. You have ten or eight matches that I would not change at all."

"I do not want to be like Andre Agassi and I do not understand why all these people want to be similar to him. When you think a match that you thought you would win you get to hating tennis as there are a lot of bad mental times.

You lose matches that you can win. And sometimes you win lost matches. But I always enjoyed playing tennis in contrary to Agassi. I also did not have so much pressure from my dear ones." Verdasco has been residing in Doha for years.

In an interview with ABC, the Spaniard said: "I am happy there. I love it. The climate is always very good to practice in, it may be too hot in July but I live in a very calm way there and so I stay focused. If I have free time, I go to the cinema or to dinner...

My life is very boring with matches and training sessions. I am used to living outside from home since I am 15 years old. I am a world citizen, I have been travelling for my entire life. I feel Spaniard, but I spend very less time here.

When I am in Qatar I miss the food, some restaurants and some Madrid cook." "My wife is of great support. She is okay with me travelling all the time because when we met each other it was already like this. We organize ourselves well. I plan my weeks very early and it makes us get along well."