People get their money worth by watching Rafael Nadal, says Connors

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People get their money worth by watching Rafael Nadal, says Connors

In an interview the American legend Jimmy Connors praised Rafael Nadal's fighting spirit. Connors said: "He does not care how big they are, how hard they serve, how hard they hit the ball, he goes about his business and he gets the maximum of his game that he can.

He is not the biggest, he is not the strongest, he may not be the fastest but when he is out there he is and watching him plag I do not care if he wins or loses. I tune in to him because you are gonna get your money worth.

This is what people want to see. They want to see a kid like that leaving his skin on the court. When he walks off he is the kind of guy who says, I will not look back, I got nothing more to give, I have given everything because he is gonna have scrapes and scars and everything and he is fun to watch.

His attitude, I mean, he never gets a ball pass. I think if you are in the good enough shape and you can stand up and give that every time, that's what people remember long after you have gone. They remember the days that you are not good enough but you gave everything you had and you figured out a way to win.

That's what people expect from you. They pay a big money to come and watch these matches, they could take their money and go watch baseball and football match but they come to watch guys running on a tennis court. That's an honor and the player should look at that. It's a privilege to play the game and an honor to play in front of the fans."