Mike Agassi shares key behind Rafael Nadal, Williams sisters success

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Mike Agassi shares key behind Rafael Nadal, Williams sisters success

In an interview, Mike Agassi, Andre's father, commented on the American legend's beginnings and his obsession to see his son becoming a famous tennis player. "When Andre was a kid and champions came to Las Vegas they were hitting a bit with him, after that, I obviously asked them.

Ilie Nastase was angry because Andre won a point hitting a lob and so he hit a ball on his face. Bon Sherman, another great tennis player, told me: Pay, give me $100, I do not play with kids, I told him, I give you 100 if you win the match and 10 if you lose.

Andre won 6-3, 6-3, Sherman was angry, I sought him and I told him: Give me at least the balls back. So wasn't my son born to play tennis? But a father needs to be there and defend his son", said Mike, who also revealed an interesting thing: "When Andre lost a junior final to Jim Courier, because of an umpire, and he was the given the second place trophy, I took it and I threw it in a river.

We cared just winning." And should that be an example to follow? "Behind champions' successes, there is always a player. They may be frustrated, too ambitious, but seeing a destiny for your sons, instead of not giving them anything, can it be bad? Connors, Evert, Seles, Capriati, Pierce, Steffi Graf, Nadal, Sharapova, Williams sisters: there is someone of their family that pushed an obsession as you call it.

If I am a monster, I managed to do it very well." Andre Agassi rarely shows up on the Tour, he attends the four Grand Slams as a Lavazza ambassador and he sometimes works as a coach with Grigor Dimitrov.