Rafael Nadal: 'I am in the debt with life'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I am in the debt with life'

In an interview to L'Equipe Rafael Nadal reflected on how it felt not to work with his uncle Toni anymore and start a new co-operation with the former world No. 1 Carlos Moya. "Without Toni, I would have not played tennis but football", said Nadal.

"Moya was something new for me but like in many aspects of life, I got used to it. If Toni took this choice, he thinks that's the best for him. I have my own personalità, my character and I take my own decisions.

Over the last ten years, our relationship did not change, it was fantastic." Nadal also reflected on how being injury-free is important to him: "It's not so much about feeling at the 100 per cent of your abilities, having a healthy body comes first in order to train enough with very high intensity.

Mental stress is there but you cannot be a tennis player without stress." On Nadal, Toni said: "I never heard him saying before a great tournament, Hey, if I win I can beat Borg or that record. It's all about the present, and during that break, I spoke to him about how far he went.

'Rafael, you already achieved many more things than you would have imagined when you left Manacor'" Nadal spoke about his future. The Spanish player said: "For me, it's really about day by day, I do not think about what will happen in five years.

Over all these years I experienced things I never thought I would have dreamed. I am in debt with life for allowing me to go through all this. For me, it's difficult to imagine a life without competition. Whether it's golf, football, everything, the fighting spirit will always be there and that's what I like."

On the future of tennis, Nadal shared some concern: "Players are becoming even bigger and if you want to make the crowd keep seeing good points, and not just aces, you have to think about what will come after. Now men are much bigger than 50 years ago, but the net has the same height, for example."