Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are gentlemen, says tennis coach

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are gentlemen, says tennis coach

In an interview to We Love Tennis, former Marc Rosset's coach Cyril Cornu recalled the Roger Federer's 2017 Australian Open win over Rafael Nadal in an epic five-set championship clash. "I knew the match would have been tense, but I did not think it would reach such a level, and I felt it straight forward during the warm-up, and both players knew that this match could have been their last one.

Being closer to Roger's environment, I know all the effort that Pierre Paganini and he do. Nothing is done by chance and everything is done to bring Roger in very good shape, with a proper physical state and a new approach in his life.

Roger takes risks and he is not afraid. Roger is happy, he will keep playing great in the major events and he enjoys his life on tour. He knows he is competitive. His whole country supports him, that win in 2017 had a special meaning before of his long absence which made it even more giant", said Cornu.

Federer didn't cry for joy after his win. "He knows how painful the loss is especially for Rafa who he appreciates so much. They are just gentlemen." In a redent interview, David Goffin reflected on the concept of happiness just mentioning the Swiss: "I'd rather be the No.

30 in the world and be happy than being on the top ten and being sad. That's what's not obvious in tennis. We play in stadiums every time and the pressure weights a bit more. There is someone who deals with it in a bad way and they do not accept it.

I still have to go through complicated moments. Sometimes I forget how privileged I am. I will always remember the welcome I got in 2012 playing against Roger Federer in the French Open. I was just 20 years old and I just thought about going back home.

It's not a weight, it's just tiring... The only worry is that you can get criticized a lot if things go bad."