Federer: 'I thought Rafael Nadal would have won French Open once or twice'

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Federer: 'I thought Rafael Nadal would have won French Open once or twice'

Roger Federer did not expect to win two Grand Slams, Australian Open and Wimbledon, in 2017. The Swiss player, speaking in a recent interview, said: "It was difficult to think that at 36 years I could win a Grand Slam again.

Rafa Nadal is great too, although when he defeated me in 2004 Miami I thought he would win the French Open once or twice. But 11 times, it's unbelievable. As long as he plays, he will always have the chance to win major tournaments, he is so strong mentally and physically", confessed the Swiss, who defeated the Spaniard in the Australian Open final two years ago.

Can the Laver Cup replace the Davis Cup? "They are two completely different competitions. Davis Cup may not like Laver Cup but I do not think there is a fight. I will not represent Switzerland but Europe that week. This competition lasts for three days a year.

I played Davis Cup for ten years but making it a priority for four weeks a year was difficult in the past. We saw the problems that meant on the schedule, so we wanted a short and intense competition. In 50 years, it will be historical."

"We see a very good behaviour now, so the guy who shouts on court is crazy now. But that's why I was against the Hawk-Eye Challenge. Because you have no conversation with the umpire anymore. Back in the day, when the linesman said, Out, you came to the umpire and say: 'Nope, it's not possible!

You lost it" Now you up to your finger and you say, Hawk-Eye. I miss it a bit, that personal side. There was life. And for me, it went well, because a lot of players lost focus because of it and I could be lucky."