Roger Federer: 'I was surprised looking at Nadal, Djokovic's big teams'

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Roger Federer: 'I was surprised looking at Nadal, Djokovic's big teams'

Roger Federer believes that tennis turned too professional over the years. In an interview to Le Monde, the Swiss said: "I find a shame that out of the top 100 players, there are not 20 who go to the net all the time. In the past guys were not able to play at the net.

Now instead they know to do everything. So it's interesting, but it's true that there are two same game styles and every point is difficult. I struggle to watch. Also, privacy does not really exist. With mobile phones and social media, it turned very complicated.

Back in the day, it was more relaxing, you could be yourself more, you did not have so many people around you and Stefan Edberg was a friend with the journalist. Now it became unbelievably professional. When Djokovic, Murray and Rafa started to experience their first wins much earlier than me, with a five-guy team, I found that unbelievable.

At the beginning of my career, I barely had a coach. Having five people around would have made me get crazy and not having the right to lose because you have to reach at least the semifinals in order not to lose money. It would have been too much for me.

That's why I admire them. I ask myself how long they can play because, since the beginning of their career, they went through a very strict and serious regime. In the meantime players also understood that it's not worth to break rackets or speak with the linesmen. Because it can turn out everything against you and players want to be loved by people and other players."