McEnroe was not as unbreakable as Rafael Nadal, says artist

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McEnroe was not as unbreakable as Rafael Nadal, says artist

In a recent interview, the 1983 French Open winner Yannick Noah said that his career in tennis is finished. Noah worked as France's Davis Cup captains for three years until 2018, but now his priorities are different. "I finished with tennis.

I will keep investing in my company, but competitive tennis is finished. I am going in my life, to achieve my dreams before it's too late. It was a nice journey. I was outside tennis for around 20 years. My comeback was unexpected.

Tennis changed, I needed time to understand how it works. I am happy to share joyful moments, tears, unbelievable moments in my life. I came as a captain, I leave as a friend. I am very grateful for all what I was given", he said.

Meanwhile, artist Julien Faraut drew some comparisons between John McEnroe and Rafael Nadal: "McEnroe was a great player because unpredictable. Now, most of the players have a game plan that is not too different from each other.

He represents a past era. He was a human who was not unbreakable, unlike Nadal. McEnroe played well only if everyone played well against him, that was his drug." "That's the message I am trying to give (laughter).

On a more serious note, feedbacks have been unbelievable. Most of the people came and told me that they did particularly love tennis or McEnroe. But it's not just about sports. And the search to perfection is also what big artists are about."