Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal played really bad match against Fognini'

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Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal played really bad match against Fognini'

In an interview to Punto de Break the 21-year-old Mallorcan Jaume Munar spoke of Rafael Nadal. Munar has been training at the Rafa Nadal Academy for a while and when he arrived there he was world No. 290, now he is a top 70 player.

"Sometimes I like when they ask me if having the Rafa's name behind me impresses me. It has been for many years that one like Rafa will not be there anymore, I will not replace him and the others will not either. For me, having his name next to me is positive.

We are from Mallorca, that's what combines us", said Munar. On the 17-time Grand Slam winner's loss to Fabio Fognini in Monte Carlo, Munar added: "Rafa did not hide himself, he played a really bad match. I did not see it for entire but for the feelings and the dynamic of the result, I imagine that not everything went in the right way.

Of course you have to give credits to Fabio but we know him. When he plays at his best level he is difficult to beat, it's not the first time that he beats Rafa on clay, you can never cut him off. I was lucky to beat him earlier this year in Buenos Aires because I approached that match very well, but he is a guy you always have to be careful against."

On the new Davis Cup format, Munar concluded: "I was not lucky enough to play the event too many times when there was the old format. I made my debut in the World Group but I was not involved in it a lot... I would be very excited to play it now, without a doubt, it's a great event and for somebody young like me is something exciting."