Dominic Thiem: 'Rafael Nadal has a great touch with his foot'

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Dominic Thiem: 'Rafael Nadal has a great touch with his foot'

In an interview to The Telegraph, Dominic Thiem commented on his love for football. The Austrian player roots for FC Chelsea and last week in Barcelona he visited the Camp Nou meeting Gerard Pique. “All the tennis players love football and we also love to play against each other because there is not really a danger of injury.

We already had 15 or 20 matches against all kinds of teams, maybe three or four a year, including the Slovenian guys a couple of times. The results have been pretty even", said Thiem. "Rafa Nadal had an uncle who played football for Spain, so he is privileged, and he has great touch in his foot.

But I hear the best is Roberto Bautista Agut because he grew up playing for Villarreal”. On his split with longtime coach Gunter Bresnik, Thiem added: “I was only nine or 10 when I started working with Gunter.

At some point, it’s tough to hear all the same stuff. You know what’s coming and you know what you did wrong but still, somebody’s telling you. I guess it’s the same if you are together with your partner for 20, 25 years."

Recalling when he decided to split with Bresnik, Thiem concluded: “It was after Australia. Then, with Nicolas Massu, we had a great practice and also I was myself very positive, I was really pumped [for Indian Wells] because of this big change”.