Massu shares how Nadal v Djokovic exhibition encouraged him to retire

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Massu shares how Nadal v Djokovic exhibition encouraged him to retire

In an interview to La Tercera the former world No. 9 Nicolas Massu recalled his retirement from the professional game. The Chilean said: "No one is 100 per cent prepared for the retirement, you know that it will be difficult and maybe that's why I fully enjoyed my stay on Tour, despite my injuries and that the results were not the ones I hoped for."

The announcement that Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and David Nalbandian would come in Santiago for an exhibition, "encouraged" him to take a decision. That was the perfect scenario to retire in. "They were the best people at the time, it was a dream to retire like this, in my country, in front of my crowd.

I took a call." Massu's days have been busy lately as he is Dominic Thiem's coach and Chile's Davis Cup team captain. "Over all my career, Davis Cup was my absolute priority, I always took it at heart, since even I made a debut until my last matches as a player", the former Olympic winner recognized.

"When I won it was immense happiness and when I lost, a tremendous sadness. Now, as a captain, it's the same thing and I loved the environment we lived in Chile against Argentina, that it was seen on the public TV channel, on the radio.

People got passionate about tennis again and that's big happiness that makes me very happy." Massu commented on his partnership with Dominic Thiem. "Besides being a great person and player, he works very well.

Despite we have been knowing each other for a short time we have been getting results in a quick way. I am happy with this job, I like coaching. Now in some days I will be back coaching him and then we start preparing for the Madrid Open", said the Chilean.

On the two biggest Chilean hopes, Massu added: "They are great players who will go through a process of wins and losses, but they are at a first line level in the world of tennis. I am happy for them and hopefully, they will get to the top, because they have not got to the limit and they are still shaping themselves."