Coach shares keys behind success of Nadal, Moya, Ferrer


Coach shares keys behind success of Nadal, Moya, Ferrer

In an interview to ATP Tennis Radio, coach Emilio Sanchez Vicario commented on the success of Spanish tennis. Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, Albert Costa, Alex Corretja, David Ferrer are just some of the greatest players from the country over the last decades.

"We have many clubs in Barcelona and Catalunya, so people start playing tennis since the very beginning. Also, we have clay, which is an important factor. When you have clay, even if you do not understand what you need to do on certain areas, you can develop certain tactics and there is also a lot of tournaments on a weekly basis", said Sanchez Vicario.

"Spain is one of the countries that has the best reputation. If you see the ATP and WTA Rankings, there are a lot of Spanish players on the top 100. This is a huge amount and that's why the other countries are interested in the way we work.

We are hard workers. We have life values and players follow this ethic." Sanchez Vicario also headlined the importance of being able to study and continuing to play tennis in the same time: "When people come, they can study in school and they can follow a professional tennis programme, which is important because in the past you had to make a call between the two things and now you can decide later.

We have values like discipline, effort and attitude." Meanwhile, Miles Maclagan commented on Roger Federer's chances in Madrid: "Conditions are quick in Madrid which can benefit Federer's serve because we know how good he can serve. It's about taking the ball early. Novak Djokovic is always going to be tricky."

Sanchez Vicario