Nadal-Babolat story started when Rafael quit football - CEO

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Nadal-Babolat story started when Rafael quit football - CEO

In an interview to TennisNet, Eric Babolat commented on the longtime working relationship between the French brand and Rafael Nadal. "It's obviously luck that we have been with him for such a long time", said Babolat.

"Babolat and Nadal, that's a very long story. It gets dated back to the time where Rafa decided not to have a football career and instead stick to tennis at nine years of age. His family then went to a sports store in Manacor and they were recommended a Babolat Pure Drive for Rafa.

He never played with a different brand than Babolat. I can say we are proud of our relationship and his successes. I think Rafa fits a company that has the biggest tradition in tennis. We made the first tennis strings in 1875, which have won more than 100 Majors.

We also supported the French Monskeeters. We only started producing rackets in the 90s. We are still a very young brand. But we are happy that Rafa but also professionals, club players and hobby players feel comfortable with our rackets.

We started producing rackets in 1994 and in 1998 Carlos Moya won his maiden Grand Slam with one of our rackets." "We created a good network, we are strongly represented in the clubs, we have a good relationship with them.

But of course the stores are important for us, look at Nadal example, to attract all the generations. For us, the big champions who play with Babolat are important. But we care about our players' needs. We have a strong relationship with the French Open.

And now one of our ambassadors Rafael Nadal became the king of the French Open. That Grand Slam was amazing for us, through Rafa's success we put La Decima racket on the market. It's also an emotional tribute to this master. But we also have a deal with Wimbledon."