Rafael Nadal: 'Tennis cannot become a market'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Tennis cannot become a market'

A few weeks ago Novak Djokovic said that sports have become too much of a business. Recently Rafael Nadal reflected about the topic. "It cannot become a market because you work with passion", Nadal said. When you think about recent changes, Davis Cup is definitely there: "To make an opinion you have to go through things, that's why I do not accept criticism.

When something does not work you have to change it and the Davis Cup, being one of the most traditional and nicest tournaments of our sport, was not working very well or very bad, so a change was necessary and I supported it.

Let's give it a shot and support them. You have to thank Gerard Pique for investing on us. The only shame is that ITF lost a chance to get popularity and that it got a lot of criticism." Asked if tennis is in danger once him, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic retire, Nadal replied: "Tennis needs stars and reference points that stay over the time in order to generate attention outside our sport too.

We cannot think that the following generation achieves the same things as us. You have to find other ways to attract the fan and keep increasing expectations. How do you do it? I am not God. The world goes on so quick that there are things you cannot control, but you have to be able to live the present and enjoying things."