Another player may repeat Rafael Nadal's achievements, says Toni

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Another player may repeat Rafael Nadal's achievements, says Toni

Will another player in the future equal Rafael Nadal's achievements in tennis? In an interview, the 32-year-old's uncle Toni replied: "It's not easy to predict. We are speaking of someone who has won 17 Grand Slam titles, four Davis Cup, an Olympic Game...

But since the records are done to be beaten, it could be that someone does something like this." What is Toni's part in Nadal's successes? "It cannot be considered too big! In his training as a player, yes, I play my part, but then he was the one able to win titles.

In the past, it seemed impossible for me to win the French Open ten times. But if Rafael won again and lifted the trophy in Paris for 11 times, I can just say it's possible, but you do not know when and who will do it."

On Joao Sousa's potential, Toni added: "I think that when he plays well, he has a top 30 player level. I say that when he has a very high intensity on his game and I think when he plays well, Joao is a very dangerous player."

Are there aspects which Sousa could work more on? "Every player has his characters but his limits too. In Joao's case, we are in front of a very good player who, I repeat, when plays well, is very dangerous. But he needs to be more consistent, especially given the intensity he puts on, both in training and competition."

Frederico Marques is just 32 years old and he coaches a top 50 player. Isn't there an age to be a good coach? "When you are young, but with a strong personality, you have a closer relationship with the athlete. There is more in common, more topics to speak about, more conversations to share.

All this in tennis is very important, because you spend a lot of hours together, many days, and being young and good coaches is good."