Rafael Nadal shares why 19-year-olds do not win Majors

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Rafael Nadal shares why 19-year-olds do not win Majors

In an interview to Spiegel, Rafael Nadal explained why there are no longer players winning their maiden Grand Slam titles at 19 years of age as he did back in 2005 French Open. "Our sport has become more complex", admitted Nadal.

"It is no longer enough to play very well. You need to be able to give an answer at all times and everywhere. You cannot hide. This has something to do with maturity, and that is something you only acquire over the years."

Nadal also thinks the game should change in order to keep attracting people: "You had some long rallies in the past, too, and points developed more slowly. The difference is, though, that today people hit the ball with much more strength.

Almost every player is capable of playing a winning stroke from any position. This means the balls arrive more quickly. If you want to reach them, you have to slow down from high speed or suddenly change direction. These are moments when you can injure yourself, and that's what wears us out.

They (spectators) don't like tennis to be a game of the only serve, or only brute force when all you see on the court is bam, bam, bam, bam. Tennis is beautiful when you can see tactics when players don't just react but are able to act and think.

The balls bounce up so high off the ground, which means you can hit them with a downward motion, which makes them fast. The balls ought to remain lower down. It is a question of the material."