Toni Nadal recalls funny story about tennis balls with Rafael

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Toni Nadal recalls funny story about tennis balls with Rafael

In an interview, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni recalled a funny story involving his nephew and tennis balls one year in the US Open. "In every practice, he was complaining about the balls", said the 58-year-old. "He won his first, second and third match, but I was tired of hearing him complaining and I told him: "You should lose and in Mallorca, you will find good balls"

He listened to me: he lost. Then he went to Beijing, I saw him on TV and he played very well. I knew that balls were the same ones as the US Open. When I met him after a while, I asked him: "Which balls were the ones in Beijing?" He replied, being a bit embarassed: "Wilson"

So in Beijing, he was okay, in New York he was not." Toni also criticized modern tennis: "They did not understand what's essential. I am not against technology. The world is progressing and technology is helping us, but I think it does not help on the main stages in training.

Making life easier for younger guys does not help them at all. I think it's important to come back to the origins. For us, the essential was: the perseverance, respect for the opponent, effort, sacrifices, discipline, but not technology.

I think all the younger guys should understand it." With Rafael, I wanted to be sure that everything that was happening, was a responsibility of his. With effort, sacrifices, Rafael managed to achieve many goals. If he succeeded, many of us can do it too. I do not know if everyone will become world No. 1s, but they can all improve and progress."