Verdasco: 'You can never say there will not be another Rafael Nadal'

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Verdasco: 'You can never say there will not be another Rafael Nadal'

In an interview to Marca, Fernando Verdasco was asked if the great Spanish generation of players can be repeated in the future. The Spaniard replied: "You never know. It will be difficult. Already because of Rafa. You can never say that we will die and we will not see another Nadal because 20 years ago they were saying that there would be nobody like Guillermo Vilas on clay or nobody on grass like Pete Sampras.

Then, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal come. It will be difficult to have a generation with Ferrer, Robredo, Almagro, Feli, myself... That also happened in other sports. They were speaking about the golden era of the Spanish sport because we did not just win in tennis but in basketball too with the Gasols; driving with Fernando Alonso; the football World Cup.

I was already saying at the time that you did not appreciate what I was achieving and that we would appreciate it when we would leave." Verdasco added: "Feliciano Lopez turns 38. I turn 36. Ferru is 37. Nicolas Almagro is one or two years younger.

15 years ago, all the players of our age were retired except Agassi or Connors. Going above 32 were exceptions. I remember when Pato Clavet, after turning 30, defeated Lleyton Hewitt in Miami, that was considered brutal. I do not know if I will continue for one, two, three more years...

I keep being motivated holding a desire. Otherwise, I would not have been on court for four hours every day after losing in the Monte Carlo opening. Even my coach told me that we had to drop the rhythm. If I were not motivated to play, I would have stopped a long time ago."