Rafael Nadal asks ATP to have better communication with Spanish players

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Rafael Nadal asks ATP to have better communication with Spanish players

In a press conference, Rafael Nadal commented on Stan Wawrinka sending a letter to The Times about Justin Gimelstob leaving the ATP Board after being involved in an assault case. The Spaniard said: "I just believe that we don't need to add more things about the problem I don't think or speak public or in the press about this stuff.

It is a positive thing for our sport. So that's why I didn't want to answer or I didn't want to express my opinion in the press when I have been asked in Barcelona, that's all. I think the last couple of months have been a lot of things going on in our sport, so I don't want to create more stories or more negative stories about our sport.

We have a great sport and what we all want is to keep having a great sport and speak only about the negative things in our sport is something that probably is not my job and is something that I don't want. Things that need to be fixed needs to be fixed internally.

And Justin did what he had to do, in my opinion. It's good that he didn't put the players in a position that we have to, or the council guys have to vote against or in his favour. In my opinion, that situation is good for what happened.

Now Justin is out. Justin I think did a good job for the players' side for a long time and it is good that there is a chance. My opinion is now on the board. It is an opportunity to create some diversity now and to have somebody there that represents some of the players that were not represented there.

We need somebody, in my opinion, just personal opinion, that speaks Spanish, too, a Latin or Spanish guy. And it will be easier the communication with all the Latin American players and the Spanish players. There are not a few, there are lots on the tour.

It would be good to have diversity on the board, too. And my opinion didn't change. I believed that why not, can be considered that Chris can continue doing the job that he's doing. I believe that will be something fair enough that they go back and they think about what is going on in the future in our sport and I always say the same.

When somebody comes in, they need a lot of time to understand all the things that are going on in our sport. When somebody knows already our sport for a while, it is easier to move forward and with all the things that we are going to happen in the next one or two years."