Rafael Nadal: 'My contract with Nike is a private matter'

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Rafael Nadal: 'My contract with Nike is a private matter'
Rafael Nadal: 'My contract with Nike is a private matter'

Last year in July during Wimbledon it was rumoured that Rafael Nadal could have ended his co-operation with Nike at the end of the year, just after that Roger Federer had split with the American brand as well to join Uniqlo.

The Spaniard apparently renewed the agreement as he is still wearing Nike this season, and in a press conference in Madrid, he was asked to comment about the topic. "I understand your question, but I have never spoken about these things in public.

The contract, the private contract that I have, are private, private for me, and I'm not going to share them and I'm not going to tell you when I'm finishing one contract or another one. It's something that is between myself and Nike and that's the end of it, period", said Nadal.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner also commented on the equal prize money between men and women. "I understand your question, but we are up to a moment that we are always talking about this kind of question and we are kind of looking to try and make noise.

And from my point of view, I try to avoid this hypocrisy and this kind of questions, with normally I understand. And sometimes even though I answer in a way which I think it is positively, you and the press sometimes, without criticizing, sometimes you have more interest in not understanding what I'm saying that what I'm really saying so I'm not going to answer about this topic because I think I have already answered in correct manner and sometimes you kind of change my words.

Of course, I have a mom, I have a sister, and those are some of the few most loved in this world, so from my point of view, I would like equal. Not only I would like that in men, but women have equal opportunities and equal rights.

Whoever wins more money or less money, it's something that in some aspects of life and we are talking about labour. Women will make more money in some places and men will make more money on other jobs. And you know what, we have to take is that not for being man or women, you win more or less money.

You win more or less money. You make more or less money because of the quality of your work or your capacity to sell and all of the rest, I'm sorry, is hypocrisy and I'm not going to talk anymore about that. You take my words and then you say something else to what I said, so I'm not going to say anything else."

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