Ferrero: 'Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer and I are good examples for kids'

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Ferrero: 'Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer and I are good examples for kids'

In an interview to Radio Marca, the former world No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero commented on the future of Spanish tennis once the older guys retire. "It's complicated to live in the future what we saw in the last 25 years.

Making comparisons is not good for the young ones. Rafael Nadal, Nicolas Almagro, Albert Costa, David Ferrer and I have been a good example of how we worked and how we improved, which allowed us to get where we got. They have great examples.

Carlos Alcaraz, I am training with him, he has a good future, he is having a very good, quick improvement considering his age as he is 15. Let him work and follow those examples", said Ferrero, who retired in 2012 Valencia.

On Carlos Alcaraz, a player he coaches, saying he does not check social media too often, Ferrero added: "We try to make him have some order, resting at night, eating, being disciplined. He does not have to be with mobile phones all the time because that's a very big distraction."

He finally commented on the beauty of tennis: "The values sports give you, humility, discipline, respect are the key. Regardless whether you reach the highest or you do not." Meanwhile, Nadal said: "I'm just waiting to continue working on the same path as last week and continue working.

And if I manage to keep the same path during the next two or three weeks, then I think that I'm going to be in a good position."