Rafael Nadal: You don't know what to expect against youngsters

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Rafael Nadal: You don't know what to expect against youngsters

Rafael Nadal is always looking forward to facing younger players. The Spaniard upped the level of his game against America's big hope Frances Tiafoe and in his post-match press conference, he said: "At the end of the day, there are moments for each one.

It depends how they are playing. He didn't make it to a final because he wasn't lucky enough. If you ask me, what do you prefer, I will tell you another one. Young players have some extra thing. "They have that joy, that will.

When you play against those veteran people, you know what to expect. When you are playing against a young person, you don't know what to expect. Maybe they can give that extra click and they can give extra performance and you don't know what you can expect and this is when you play against young players.

For me, I try to focus much the same way if I play veteran guys or if I play younger people, so you know you cannot worry about who are you facing, you have to worry about being fit, about being properly prepared, and about giving your best.

Me, personally, I try to give my best and from there, if I'm playing well, if I'm playing good tennis, I'll have my opportunities. And if I'm not at my highest level, I won't have so many opportunities and that is my reality and that is what I live for."