Rafael Nadal: 'Three semifinals in a row on clay may seem little. It's not'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Three semifinals in a row on clay may seem little. It's not'

In a press conference in Madrid Rafael Nadal showed his happiness for defeating Stan Wawrinka in the Madrid quarterfinals. The Spaniard assessed how his week went. He has now scored three straight set wins. "At the beginning, I had that issue with my stomach and that was not expected, so overall I didn't have the control of the security what could happen this week.

I said on the first day when I did the first press because I had to delay because of the stomach issue. I did it on Tuesday finally because of this virus that I had and I tell you, I had already trained. This was the week that I had trained the best one out of the previous one and without that, my feelings were much better than the previous weeks.

And afterwards, we had to see it on the court, see what happened, because sometimes things don't click or don't change from one day to the other, even though you can have better feelings on your training. But sometimes things don't click.

That is the first step to be training well, to feel good. But when you have good feelings during your training, then it's easier than things yes, click on the court and you are in the matches. It's not a guarantee, of course.

Luckily, today, against a very high-quality opponent, things have worked out, the match has fallen my way. I was expecting this kind of match and besides what he has managed to do or not, I think from my side, I have managed to go a step forward.

And it's very important. And this gives me the possibility to be in a semifinal, which is the third consecutive in the last few weeks. And I know for a few of you guys it might seem very little, this, due to everything I have been able to achieve during this last year on this surface, but I come from a complicated month with a lot of physical struggles.

And the fact to be able to compete every single week I have been competing is a step forward for me. From then onwards, I think I have been able to consolidate a good base and try to give a little bit of base and energy. If you don't have that base that I'm talking about, or the energy, having your tennis game and playing well, you cannot do anything.

Tomorrow it's a complicated day against a complicated opponent, who is doing well, and it's a very important test. And it is another match I have to be there trying to give my best, maybe the same as today or a bit better.

And just try to be competitive and continue on the same path because, as I said before, besides winning or losing, right now I'm in the correct path and in a positive path. And that is the important thing besides all the rest."