Rafael Nadal is a fighter, but he is not really my idol - Pliskova

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Rafael Nadal is a fighter, but he is not really my idol - Pliskova

Karolina Pliskova's coach Conchita Martinez said that Rafael Nadal could be the perfect role model for her. However, the Czech player has different thoughts: "Well, I don't have any idols, not even in girls, not even in men.

Of course, he's not only for me. But he's a fighter, he's playing good tennis, he's practicing hard. Of course, he can be a good idol for me. But I don't feel like he's (my) idol. He's lefty. He's a man.

He's completely much stronger than me. I don't feel like he should be the one." Pliskova also spoke about her rivalry with Agnieszka Radwanska: "I remember my head-to-head against her was not the best. Actually the last match I won.

I'm sorry that she left because, anyway, she was always beating me, but the matches were always so good. Also, I think for the fans, for the people, so good to watch because she just has amazing hands. I think we are missing a player like this on tour right now.

She was just a little bit different, the style was different. She's from Poland, which is next to my country. We quite talk a lot. Czech and Polish are quite similar. She was always friendly. I think everyone, not only me, we miss her in the locker rooms, the courts.

Also the fans for sure, they miss. I remember all of them (matches), but sometimes it was always kind of little bit close, but she was always better. I think she just loved my game quite a lot because she was always playing I felt like good tennis against me.

Couple times we were playing, she always won the tournament. She had the best two years, and I played quite a lot in that period with her. I think she was on the top. She was maybe no. 3 or no. 4 in the world. I was lower ranked than her.

It was normal that she was beating me. I think so far on grass, I played two matches on grass, and on the grass she was good."