Rafael Nadal to reportedly get married next month

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Rafael Nadal to reportedly get married next month

June is set to be one of the important months of the year for Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard turns 33 on June 3, then he may win the French Open and then... get married. According to the Mediaset programme 'Socialité', the world No.

2 and his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello will get married at the end of next month, in one of the weeks between the end of the French Open and the beginning of Wimbledon. The place chosen would be in the North of Mallorca, in order to keep it intimate.

According to Hola Magazine, Nadal would instead get married in October this fall. In his many interview, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni said that he never wanted to get money from his nephew Rafael. Tennis World USA asked the 32-year-old to comment on how he reacted to this request by Toni.

"Sorry, is not an answer that I want to talk about it now", said Rafael. "Was not exactly like this. That's it. Those are private things that I don't want to talk about it. Doesn't matter if you pay your coach or not.

Is about the player. If the player is enough smart to let the coach do his job, or if you are not enough smart, doesn't matter if you pay or you don't pay. You will not make feel the coach freedom enough to tell you the true in every single moment.

In my opinion, with all the coaches that I have been, they always felt free to tell me if I am playing bad, if I am playing terrible, or if I am doing one negative thing or another good thing. I don't feel that no one coach that I had in my career have been afraid of telling me the true or be honest with myself for fear of his job. That's not my case. I never fired no one."