Rafael Nadal is always the No. 1 contender followed by Djokovic - Thiem

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Rafael Nadal is always the No. 1 contender followed by Djokovic - Thiem

In a press conference, Dominic Thiem commented on how many players can win tournaments now. "I think it's nice for us players, but also for the crowd and for the fans, I guess. There are, I would say, five, six, seven men who can win every single tournament.

For me personally, Rafa is always going to be the No. 1 contender, closely followed by Novak now because he's at his best again right before the French Open. Then there's another group, four, five, six players which I think also can win almost every week a big title."

On his lighter tournaments schedule, Thiem added: "It was tough for me to come to a big event without any matches before. I kind of was looking for getting confidence with some smaller events maybe. But I'm also way more experienced now so I can play the bigger events also without the smaller events before.

It doesn't mean I'm not going to play smaller events. I really love them. Still, I'm also getting older every year. Every single year as a tennis player is also a lot of effort, a lot of travelling, all this. I have to really take care of everything.

At the end if I play, I don't know, like last year, 22, 23 tournaments, it's a good number." On how his game changed now that he is working with Nicolas Massu, Thiem added: "I think that my game got more unpredictable.

That's one big part. I mean, I have amazing groundstrokes. I've learned them. It was amazing with Gunter Bresnik, but last few years sometimes I had the problems that I made amazing shots, but the game was too unpredictable somehow.

At certain times I had the feeling opponents know where I'm going to play. I was hitting amazing shots which should be winners, but they haven't been. I am adding some options to my game now, like some drop shots, some other shots which I wouldn't hit before.

When I was really young, I had an amazing talent to read the game and everything. That got a little bit lost. Now I have a really nice feeling that's somehow coming back."