Rafael Nadal: 'In Rome on Wednesday it was crazy traffic. Just be patient'

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Rafael Nadal: 'In Rome on Wednesday it was crazy traffic. Just be patient'

Rafael Nadal only lost one game each against Nikoloz Basilashvili and Jeremy Chardy in Rome. The Spaniard was asked why those matches were different according to him. "Has been a different kind of match. Has been a very positive day for me.

Of course, yeah, was a day that playing two matches is very dangerous day. I was able to manage it well. I played well, especially I think in the afternoon better than the morning. Yeah, happy about that level in the afternoon."

On how he dealt with rain on Wednesday, Nadal added: "Yesterday was a long day. Is true that tough thing when we have to come back to the hotel was crazy traffic, 1 hour 30 to be back to the hotel. It was tough. That can happen in outdoor tournaments.

Need to be ready for it. That's all. Just trying to be patient, try to be ready for the day. That's all the thing that we can do." Nadal is happy with his progresses: "I have been improving every week I think.

I don't like to compare. We will not be every day comparing what happened today, what happened last week, yesterday or two weeks ago. Have been a particular clay court season for me. I had some tough period of time. Has been little bit difficult to hold the body and the tennis level for every day.

I just try. Being honest, have been not perfect for me, but have been positive that I was in three semifinals in a row. Even if I was not able to manage to win that matches, my personal feeling have been improving during every single day.

Here I am, quarterfinals again tomorrow against a great player that he played two great matches today. Will be plenty of confidence. Another chance tomorrow to play against a great player and to try to play a good match."