Marriage won't change my life, says Rafael Nadal

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Marriage won't change my life, says Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal will reportedly get married this year, in June or October to his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello in Spain. In an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport the 32-year-old did not want to reveal details, but he sort of confirmed the news: "Anybody handles his private life with different sensitivity, they are very personal moments.

But the life will not change a lot compared to now," said Nadal. On his Academy and possibly working as a coach there, the 17-time Grand Slam winner added: "It's an important project, which makes me get involved a lot and that makes me passionate.

Why not, I feel ready for this experience." On his great achievements, Nadal said: "I do not think that winning the French Open 11 times is normal. That's very difficult to achieve. But if I did it, that I am a normal person who chose to play tennis, you can imagine someone else can do it.

Of course, I do not know if I will be able to see it by a person." Nadal was asked to give advice to younger people who dream to become tennis players. "First of all, I would be honest and I would tell them it's very difficult.

But I would add that if I made it, it's the right that they seek their dreams and give themselves a chance. But you always need to have some key values. First of all, never stop enjoying. Then accept the suffering, it means the sacrifice of hard work even if it can make you be painful.

And do not think that you cannot deal with the training. So you need to have passion for what you do. If you do not like tennis because of one of the reasons I mentioned before, he does not go beyond," said Nadal. "There is no specific rule, it depends on the personal sensitivity of somebody.

Of course, the education you got about your relationship with the win and loss matters, that should not become an obsession. And then physical qualities and technique are there."