Rafael Nadal: If uncle Toni wants to come to French Open, he is welcome

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Rafael Nadal: If uncle Toni wants to come to French Open, he is welcome

In a press conference in Rome Rafael Nadal explained why Toni Nadal was in Rome for a few days on the practice court with him. "He was in Monte Carlo, too. He was in Madrid for two days. He's always very welcome when Toni wants to come.

Is a pleasure. As always, I always say, Toni knows me probably better than nobody, know my game, too. By the way, I talk to him very often. Is nothing new at all? If he wants to come to Paris, he's always welcome. Positive help for me when he is around.

Always the same for me. It is always good to have him." On his progress, Nadal added: "All the good players play better and better during the tournament. Is normal. If you want to win or you have to win, you need to play better every day.

Every day the opponent is tougher. So for me personally, is always confidence, every victory is confidence for the next one. That's it, no? Tennis is not easy. I mean, the sport is difficult. As I said yesterday, a win is very difficult.

But the game by itself is not very difficult to analyze if you know about tennis, no? Is a chance for me tomorrow again to play a good match against a tough opponent. I am excited about it. That's all, no? Is good news I have been able to be back again in semifinals.

Another three straight victories. I have been in that round during the last five events. The first one I didn't have the chance to play, Indian Wells. The next three, Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, I lost in this round of semifinals.

But be there all the time is good news. That means you have a good level of tennis. I have to hold the level or increase a little bit more. If that happens, I going to have my chances."