Zverev: 'I have to beat the others before getting to Rafael Nadal clash'

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Zverev: 'I have to beat the others before getting to Rafael Nadal clash'

In an interview to Tennis Magazin, Alexander Zverev was asked how he sees a potential clash against Rafael Nadal in the French Open. The German said: "Before thinking about Rafa, I have to get there. If I had to play against him, l would be in semi-final or final.

First, I have to beat all the others. I need good preparation, it's very important. I had a very good one last year, I won a lot of matches but an injury stopped me in Roland-Garros. I'll have another opportunity this year."

On Juan Carlos Ferrero saying he was late for training sessions and lacked respect, Zverev added: "I'm always very respectful. I've never been late to practice, not a single time. Yeah OK, I was sometimes late for a dinner or other things not really imprtant.

I mean the events that I didn't consider important. I think he was mainly angry about the end of the partnership. But I won't say anything negative about him. I'm very grateful for what he's done with me, I won a Masters 1000 with him and Washington.

That's what I'll remember." "I'm already very hard on myself, I don't need anyone to lay it on thick. I know what I want. But I need to be surrounded and helped by people with the same mindset and the same goals as mine.

It's very important to find someone who knows what you want. He's more gentie than what you think. On court, he is hard, of course, but he's a very kind man. It's important for him to know how I feel, in what state of mind I am. He talks to me a lot. He's very different from what people can imagine."