Rafael Nadal may have $300 million, still fights on every point - Forget

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Rafael Nadal may have $300 million, still fights on every point - Forget

In an interview to GQ Magazine, the French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget commented on the upcoming edition that will start on Sunday in Paris. Forget feels confident about the Frenchmen's chances: "Maybe Gael Monfils, he could do a big buzz this year!

As for others, I think they are almost reaching their full abilities. So obviously, if we give Gilles Simon Federer's serve, he would have another career. And you will tell me, Why hasn't he worked on his serve to have the same as Federer? Because he has not had success physically or technically or I do not know another way to serve as Federer does.

Is it his work, effort, talent, strength? Silence. Jim Courier told me something interesting about the talent: You know, we often speak of the talent, the ball touch, the amazing highlight... But talent is about staying on the court for six hours, all days, to improve what's not going well, not being carried away when you lead a set and 4-1."

Then he praised Rafael Nadal's effort: "Look at Nadal, he will be in the French Open in a few days and he will shout 'Vamos' from the first point of the match. He is a martian. He may have $300 million on his bank account, he has won everything, he plays against a guy who is the world No.

70 and he yells, Vamos, since the first game and he looks at his team. As the time goes on, you lose that fire, it's normal. Not him. That's a talent."