Rafael Nadal like Roger Federer: 'I would like to live as a normal person'

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Rafael Nadal like Roger Federer: 'I would like to live as a normal person'

A few weeks ago in Madrid Roger Federer said he would like to live like a normal person. Rafael Nadal said the same thing in an interview to Le Parisien. "After all that I lived, I think I would choose a normal, unknown person, who leaves its job like any other.

When I come back to Mallorca, I am 100 per cent normal. But at the end of the day, even when I live normally, I will forever be Rafa Nadal. Since a long time, I cannot live my life with the same perspective as most of the people.

I am normal but I was not treated normally", said the 17-time Grand Slam winner. Asked how he sees himself in ten years, Nadal replied: "I think I can say I will not play on Tour anymore! I hope to see myself with a family and keep being in the sport.

I have my Academy, which is already important now and it will be even more in the future. I also have many projects." How has tennis changed over the last 15 years? "The evolution is clear. We are in the power of getting immediate, like in life in general.

Before, in order to get things, you had to believe and work. Now everything is in your hand. It's a bit like tennis. We have lost the essence in approaching points. You hit a ball there, an ace there to put yourself in a good position and you can get aggressive.

Now, players are attacking almost everywhere. It's a matter of generations..." On the Next Generation players, Nadal concluded: "They are compared with a group of special players (Federer, Djokovic and Nadal).

They have not managed to win a Grand Slam yet but they need to do it one day. We are not eternal... Then, saying who will do better than the other, is tougher."