Rafael Nadal can only be beaten by Novak Djokovic, says Robin Soderling

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Rafael Nadal can only be beaten by Novak Djokovic, says Robin Soderling

In an interview to Express the former world No. 4 Robin Soderling indicated the player who could upset Rafael Nadal in the French Open. The Swede is the only player in tennis besides Novak Djokovic to have beaten Nadal in the Parisian tournament, having prevailed over the Spaniard in the 2009 fourth round.

On Djokovic, Soderling said: “He's beaten him many times on clay, beat him once in Paris as well. He's maybe the only guy right now that has the chance to stand up against Nadal. He's not going to beat Nadal on clay like some other players being really aggressive and just hitting winners through Nadal.

He can stand up there and beat him physically which maybe he's the only guy that can actually to do it on clay. The French Open is going to be the most difficult Grand Slam grand to win I think. But if he plays his best tennis as he did in Melbourne in the final against Rafa, [where] he just crushed him then, of course, he can beat him on clay as well”.

In the same time, Soderling admitted Nadal has the highest chances to retain his title: “If he's healthy, anytime he plays on clay, Nadal is the favourite. But Rafa has struggled a little bit with injury and pulled out from Miami.

I think Roger definitely has a chance. You know he can definitely win the French Open again but Nadal is healthy, Djokovic as well, and I think they'll be a little bit bigger favourite right now”.