I'd rather win French Open than Wimbledon, says Rafael Nadal

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I'd rather win French Open than Wimbledon, says Rafael Nadal

In an interview to La Stampa Rafael Nadal was asked what's better between winning French Open and Wimbledon. The Spaniard replied: "Last year I was so close to win Wimbledon again. But the French Open is special. I pick Paris.

I always felt the support from the crowd. The 2005 final in Rome against Guillermo Coria was unbelievable. Unforgettable. In the Australian Open or US Open I always enjoyed myself. In different times I felt loved in different places."

How different is Nadal than he was in 2005? "More or less I am the same person. Life changes of course but in the things that matter I do not feel different. I made a lot of mistakes but always thinking to do the best thing."

"Since I was young, I dealt with injuries. I quickly learned to enjoy good things and accept the bad ones being calm." Nadal also owns an Academy in Manacor. Is he a good teacher? "I often train with the younger players, I like giving suggestions, giving them what I learned.

The Academy is a very important project in my future." What would Nadal change about tennis? "With just one serve ball, matches would be more interesting. And you would save time. Between first and second serves, you lose more time than the one you can earn through the shot clock.

Tennis is good the way it is now but with one serve it would be more amazing and tactical." Nadal will open his run in Paris against a qualifier.