'We do not know who Rafael Nadal will beat in French Open final'

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'We do not know who Rafael Nadal will beat in French Open final'

In an interview, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou made his French Open predictions on the men's side. The Frenchman still expects Rafael Nadal to win again. "There has not been a lot of suspense over the last decade.

The only thing we do not know is who Rafa will beat in the final. This year it's a bit different because the Spaniard has not played at his best at the beginning of the clay season. His confidence was not that good. Behind him, there is the last year's finalist Dominic Thiem who beat Nadal in Barcelona.

On the French side, Gael Monfils seems to be the best. Luckily, he is an excellent clay-courter and it's clearly our best chance to see a Frenchman in the second week. But we have to be careful about putting not too much pressure on him because that does not help him at all."

Petra Kvitova spoke about her expectations for the French Open. The Czech said: "I think for Paris I do have kind of different memories for two years which was my first tournament to come back. I just remind myself yesterday actually when we arrived and then played here on the Suzanne Lenglen.

You know, the time is really flying fast. Two years is like nothing. But I don't really care how Paris will end up, actually. I didn't have great results for so many Grand Slams in the past, and I already did great result in the Australian Open, which I'm very proud of it.

I couldn't really imagine myself to playing in the final again. So for me, I think it's kind of something I already proved myself and I just don't have to run for something else. So whatever happens, happens. I have been in the semifinal here one year, so I'm not, like, questioning myself if I can do or can do well here.

So just here I'm feeling good. It's important. And as I said, whatever happens, happens. So it's a nice Grand Slam, and we'll see."