Dominic Thiem:'Rafael Nadal is huge favorite, then there are six players..'

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Dominic Thiem:'Rafael Nadal is huge favorite, then there are six players..'

In a press conference at the French Open Dominic Thiem commented on his feelings ahead of the tournament. "I love the court, Suzanne Lenglen. If I could choose to play one match in my life, I think I would maybe choose Suzanne Lenglen.

It's an amazing size, and I have played a lot of great matches there. I love it every year when I play on that court", said the 25-year-old. Thiem got to the final last year. He is one of the men to beat this year. How does cope with that status as being one of the players who are under attack? "It's a good status.

That's the result of a good season in the last years, and it's a nice feeling. But also, of course, a little bit of pressure. I always played really good at this tournament the last three years, so I hope it's gonna be similar this year, and it's probably the biggest highlight of my tennis season every year, this tournament here, so I cannot really wait that it starts.

I think it's a very special situation because we have three of them -- or maybe "the" best three tennis players all at one time in their generation. It's not really a surprise that they are still on the top of their game in their 30s.

And they are all three also exceptional athletes, and they take care amazing of their bodies and they play kind of economics, so that's why they are still up there in their 30s. But of course we younger players, we try to close the gap and try to finally win our first slam."

He is confident he will deal with pressure well: "I don't have any expectations. I mean, my goal is to win the tournament, that's for sure. I mean, I played semis, semis, final. So I really would love to make that one last step, but it's so tough.

I think Rafa Nadal is the huge favourite, and then after that, there are also five, six players who can win the tournament. So it's gonna be very interesting two weeks."