Rafael Nadal reacts to Laver Cup news

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Rafael Nadal reacts to Laver Cup news

In Paris Rafael Nadal was asked what were his thoughts on the Laver Cup being part of the ATP Tour. The Spaniard played the first edition in Prague in 2017 with Roger Federer and he is set to appear in Geneva this year. "Yes, I think why not? When I have been asked, I supported this.

I understand is a good event. Is a good event for tennis, is a good event for the fans, and is a good event for the players, too. So, of course, we cannot give points to this, because is difficult today, but I think is great news for the event and for the ATP to be part of it", said Nadal.

Asked what is his routine prior to a Major, Nadal replied: "It depends on the moment. Is no two weeks before the Grand Slam are the same. Depends if you are playing well, depends if you're playing normal or you're playing terrible.

Are different scenarios that can happen, no? The final goal is if you are playing bad, just find solutions and try to fix it. If you are playing well, just do the things that help to hold that good moment, and that's what we are doing, no? Just trying to keep practising the same way that we are doing the last couple of weeks.

I feel myself playing well, being honest, and my goal is just to keep playing at that level, because these things always that I can improve, small things, and just working on small things. But in general terms, is just about being the healthy, main thing, and then just compete well and be fresh mentally and physically."