Rafael Nadal: 'I would like to play 2014 Australian Open final again'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I would like to play 2014 Australian Open final again'

In an interview with La Stampa, Rafael Nadal was asked if he has some regrets looking at his career. The Spaniard replied: "The 2014 Australian Open final loss to Stan Wawrinka. I was injured, I wish I could play it", said Nadal who was dealing with a back issue.

On some people saying he is not that talented, Nadal added: "I respect everyone's opinions but it's impossible to do my career without playing tennis very well. I am a complete player, I won on all surfaces, I feel competitive everywhere."

"We can talk one hour about game rules, no? There are a few things that I think will be good to change to create a better show, but I am not the one that I have to create an opinion on this. I'm being honest, the players should not have a real opinion on this, because about the show, should be more about the people who run the sport.

You cannot change things from today to tomorrow, but yes, you can say in eight years we gonna have this new rule, and you have to be ready for it. And if you ask the players, you will never change anything, because if you ask me, you want to change anything? No.

Of course not. I have been in a lot of success with these rules, and if you ask a lot of good players, for sure they don't want to change, because we are having good success with these rules."