Mental recovery from many injuries was tough for Rafael Nadal, says coach

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Mental recovery from many injuries was tough for Rafael Nadal, says coach

In an interview to ATP ES, Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya commented on the tough moment that the world No. 2 went through after withdrawing from the Indian Wells semifinals match against Roger Federer due to a knee injury.

Moya said: "When we come back from a tournament, where he has to withdraw, the following two or three days are not easy. For someone so competitive like him, seeing that he cannot play due to an injury is complicated. This time I thought it would be the same, but it was much more.

I tried to find a solution. As a team, we supported and listened. You cannot get energy back from night to morning. Many things have been happening over those years, and the results were very good for the less he competed. The recovery from the knee issues was minimum, he struggled recovering mentally and physically, in all ways.

You noted that in the tournaments. The ones who live it on a daily basis were not surprised. In Monte Carlo, I was surprised that he won three matches because we were badly prepared and the time was a bad one mentally. Physically he was not doing well, he was making more unforced errors than the usual, he ran more, was coming later, he had a lot of doubts on the attack and defence, but most of all his strong shot did not work.

It's about time. If you do not have this passion, and you lose earlier than you should, you are going through a bad dynamic. On this aspect, he gave himself the chance to keep competing when the easiest thing would be to stop.

You had critical moments in Barcelona, Conde de Godo. Rafa was strong mentally, putting a strong desire despite he was not going through his best moment. He came back, in Madrid he had a good tournament despite he lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas and in Rome, he got a confirmation."