Rafael Nadal's Rome Open win was not really needed, says Corretja

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Rafael Nadal's Rome Open win was not really needed, says Corretja

In an interview the former world No. 2 Alex Corretja commented on Rafael Nadal's chances in the French Open. Corretja said: "What Rafael Nadal did in Rome was not needed to show he was the favorite, but it was very important for him especially being the last tournament prior to the French Open.

He keeps being the man to beat. And in general, the Spaniards on clay at five sets, you know that they are tough players." Corretja also spoke about his job as a TV commentator: "In Spain I have to translate live when I have to do interviews live and sometimes players speak for two minutes without stopping and in the end I summarize what they said, and they may tell you that they did not exactly say that.

But when you gave to translate, for players it's not the ideal thing because they cannot really share what they think. You need to keep clear in mind what you want to ask. When you have lived a lot of years on Tour you have many histories, but you need to know how to tell them because you have to respect the silence.

On Eurosport, for example, you have the advertisement and you cannot tell too nant things. Now in Paris we will be for 15 days without stopping and there is not even the night session in contrary of other events." Nadal will open his run against the German qualifier Yannick Hanfmann.